Custom Builds

As the title would indicate, this is where you can build your own drone! You don't have to actually BUILD it, but you can select all of the parts, and either have it sent as a kit, or pay for our professional build service. We wanted to make it easy for you, so - just select the size prop you plan to use on your build, and your options will be suited to the build you are working on.

Go through each option, from the frame through the propellers, and select the parts you want on your build, select whether you want build service, and checkout! Build service takes 2 weeks to build, test, tune and ship - usually arrives between 16-21 days. 

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BYOD Micro (sub 3 inch props)

Build yourself a little skeeter! Our micro BYOD service allows you to select the frame, motors, and all the rest of the parts for your build, and then have our ..

Flynoceros Æther

ÆtherThere is no other quad in the in the world that does what Æther does:Over 100 different possible configurations6 different arm optionsAdjustable Roll Cage ..

Micro Custom Build

Micro (sub 3 inch prop) Custom BuildParts and build service, for our standard 2-3" micro stock class base build. We know what many of you may be thinking....

Skitzo Frame compatible 3D printed Pod

A pod for your Skitzo frame, or a similar... shall we say CLONE? Heaven's no! Pop  a nice pod on that bad boy, and show your true colors. we have several c..
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